Wanda Set of 4 New Sport ATV Tires Review

When the time came that all your four off-road tires need changing, it is better to buy in full set rather than opt for individual purchase. Good thing there is Wanda New Sport ATV Tires in the market that sells a set of 4 high-quality tires.

This model is made for those who have a tight budget, yet still expect to have an all-terrain vehicle that can traverse any type of cross country terrains. It is manufactured for Grand National Cross Country or CNCC with heavy 4-ply rated nylon construction.

With this features, your ATV can carry a heavier load while resisting punctures and abrasions. The set comes in four tires with 2 different wheel diameters. The front tires are smaller than the rear ones to give much-needed incline.

Another thing that makes these tires remarkable is the enhanced lug depth that brings better brake control. Thus, your off-road adventure on rocky, muddy and all dirt roads will be more exciting without compromising safety.


  • A set of 4 sport ATV tires great for all kinds of cross country terrains
  • 2 front and 2 rear for complete replacement
  • Product Specifications: 21×7-10 Front & 20×10-9 Rear /4PR – 10075/10081
  • With dynamic tread pattern to provide superior traction
  • Includes enhanced lug depth for better brake control
  • Manufactured for Grand National Cross (CNCC)
  • Has 4-ply rating, great for heavier loads
  • Has a durable nylon construction to resist punctures and abrasions
  • With free shipping


Wanda is a brand of tires that has been rapidly growing since 1988. They are experts in all kinds of tires and have been one of the largest manufacturers in China because of their hard work, innovation, and good reputation.

Just like with their other products, their set of 4 New Sport ATV Tires is also engineered to have an appropriate tread pattern, tread depth, casing, and compound.

If you haven’t decided what tire will best suit your ATV yet, you might consider this amazing model from Wanda. Get to know more about its advantages and features as you read on.

This set of 4 tires is divided into 2 front and 2 rear tires. By the looks of them, you will notice that the front tires are smaller than the rear tires.

They are 21×7-10, while the rear tires are 20×10-9 to give the needed incline adventure drivers love. The load range or rating of this car is 4 plies, which make it possible for your ATV to carry heavier loads.

The complete replacement set can be used on any type of cross country terrain thanks to its dynamic tread pattern that increases the traction, as well as the enhanced lug depth that brings better brake control.

Furthermore, the durable nylon construction allows you to use the tires for a longer time compared to other brands. You don’t need to worry about your tires getting easily punctures or abrasions.

This product is manufactured for Grand National Cross Country, which is America’s premier off-road racing series.

However, not only professional riders or ATV drivers are able to enjoy these tires. They are also created for those budding enthusiasts who have always wanted to explore more of the great and challenging outdoors.


No matter how great or good a product is or no matter how many advantages there are, it is always better to know the limitations of the product you are eyeing to buy. Although already great, these tires from Wanda have certain disadvantages that could make you think twice before you purchase.

First, it is not clear whether the company gives a warranty. This could be an issue, especially if you got a problematic tire from the set. Aside from this, the tires are also quite heavy. This could just be a minor issue and can be solved by having an assistant to help you install the tires.


This product is one of the new models of Wanda, but it already gained followers who like traversing the rocky, muddy and dirt roads. The reason behind this could be the good reputation of the company.

Another buying factor of Wanda New Sport ATV Tires is the price. By spending only around $180, you can replace all four tires of your ATV. The company also ships them for free. Therefore, this excellent set of tires is highly recommended for your off-road adventures.

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