Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tires Review

Wanda produces a well-made and sturdy tire that can be used on both wet or dry rough roads. The tires can be used in all sorts of terrain situations, specifically rocky, muddy or sandy roads.

The tires are 6-ply high-quality rubber and nylon construction, which makes it resistant to punctures and abrasive materials. The tires have added lugs that protect the tires’ sidewalls, making the tires stronger.

The Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tires have V-shaped tread and teeth that have wide gaps for more efficient surface grip. Running on rough surfaces is easier and smoother because the tires are designed to bring stability and balance, even on the roughest road.

The wheels run well on smooth surfaces and the vehicle is better managed around sharp corners, or swerving around road obstacles. Vehicles perform better with the product and become more efficient when used to haul heavy materials.


  • Comes in a set of 4
  • 6-ply of nylon and rubber
  • Front tire dimensions are 25 in x 8 in x 12 in
  • Rear tire dimensions are 25 in x 10 in x 12 in
  • Has V-shaped tread which has big gaps in between
  • Can run on all types of terrain
  • Has excellent road traction


This product has tread that is V-shaped which provides a strong grip on any type of rough road. The tread has wide spaces between them that distribute the pressure throughout the rubber; this feature makes the product more stable and efficient when running on difficult patches on the road.

The tires are thick walled and sturdy, and not easily penetrable by sharp branches or rocks. Because of the V-shaped treads, vehicles achieve stronger acceleration. The vehicle gets the needed push because of the strong and firm hold to the surface, which can easily get the vehicle out of muddy holes.

The vehicles run smooth on concrete roads, and running over potholes is not an issue. The tires allow ATVs to handle steep downhill trails, and climb mountains of dirt quickly and safely.

Wanda tires are durable and do not blow out when subjected to extreme pressure. The nylon and rubber layers make the tires strong to handle heavy loads.

The tires are also good for driving on ice; vehicles will not skid on thin ice, nor will they stall when running in deep snow.  The tires also run well on wet roads or sticky surfaces.

Mounting the wheels can be done easily and no complicated tools are required them to attach to the vehicle; you will not need to have the tires rebalanced or recalibrated.

The ATV can run on sand and runs well on loose surfaces. On very dry surfaces, where rocks and dirt tend to be less compact, the tires perform as expected.

Stable and manageable driving is achieved when the vehicle runs on concrete roads. The wheels gain enough torque and can move on smoothly paved streets. The tires also do not have problems running on asphalt.

Vehicle owners who are looking for affordable tires that will last long, will find it with Wanda wheels. This versatile product satisfies needs of vehicle owners who need efficient transportation on any kind of road.

When ordering through a reliable and accredited online supplier, the product will arrive on time and packaged well. Compared to other tire companies, Wanda has trustworthy dealers who can ship the wheels fast and efficiently.


Buyers may receive damaged tires due to transporting conditions. There are also online suppliers who might send the wrong number and type of unit, which is another risk when ordering through the Internet.


The Wanda P341 ATV/UTV Tires is a high-quality and top-performing tire that has a V-shaped tread that is durable and lasts long, even if it’s subjected to extreme road and weather conditions. The product provides a tight and solid road grip that makes vehicles stable both on rough or smooth roads.

The teeth of the tires have a strong bite to easily move through any kind of on or off-road condition. The tires also hold well on sand and loose dirt roads as well as deep snow. Road security and safety is ensured.

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