Maxxis M9207 Front PRO ATV Tire Review

If you are looking for an ATV tire that runs great on both mud and sand, then you should definitely include the Maxxis M9207 Front PRO ATV Tire in your list of options. This product is manufactured by Chaparral Motorsports, a company that creates innovative motorcycle tires, ATV tires, as well as motorcycle sports apparel.

The reason why this product will make your off-road adventures safe and exhilarating is because of its multidirectional tread design. This design increases traction so it can grip tightly and smoothly on the muddy terrain as well as in the desert.

Aside from this, the tire also features a V-shaped tread block design for superior steering control and braking. So even though you are conquering the challenging terrains, you will feel stable and in control while driving.

Furthermore, the reinforced, longer knobs down the center assure of the straight-line stability, too. For this particular product, the ply rating is 2, but it is actually available in a range of ply ratings or load range. Change your front tires with the Maxxis M9207 Front PRO ATV tire and see the difference on your next off-road trip.


  • 1 high-quality ATV tire good for front use only
  • Comes complete with free shipping if ordered on Amazon
  • Features a multidirectional tread design for both mud and sand terrains
  • Has V-shaped tread block design for braking
  • With extra-long reinforced knobs for straight line stability
  • Includes angled lateral knobs for predictable steering and cornering


Maxxis tires or Chaparral Motorsports has been a trusted name since 1967. A lot of people from all over the world have witnessed and experienced their high-quality products in the industry of motorcycle tires.

True enough, they continue to be innovative, creating tires that you can trust for your everyday driving needs. Aside from this, they are also known for their affordability without compromising the quality.

One of their ATV tires that have been gaining high-rated reviews is the Maxxis M9207 Front PRO ATV Tire. See if this is the front tire your ATV needs as you read more about it below.

Weighing only 12 lbs., this model has a load capacity or ply rating of 2. This is ideal for a maximum psi of 14 lbs. But if you want a tire that can carry heavier loads, you can opt for a 4-ply or more. The good thing is that this particular model is available in a range of ply ratings.

When looking for the traction ability of the tires you must consider the design. For this model, it has a multi-directional tread design that can withstand both the muddy and sandy terrains.

If you are an occasional backwoods adventurer, this tire is good enough to handle the average terrain. With its v-shaped tread block design, you can experience superior steering control and breaks all the time.

Furthermore, the reinforced, longer knobs down the center offer stable and straight-line driving. Versatile, durable, and affordable, this tire is sure to make a difference, which is for the better in your off-road driving or occasional adventure.


Although the Maxxis M9207 Front PRO ATV Tire is already good for a front ATV tire, it still has limitations in uses. The fact that it is only good as a front tire can have issues with the overall performance of your ATV.

The traction would not be adequate to get enough bite in the sand and mud, especially if the terrains are unpredictable. Some reviewers also recommended not trying the tires on the road often because they have softer rubbers.


When the time comes that you have to change your ATV tires, you need to decide what is more important – affordability or quality. It is hard to find a brand that offers both.

However, this isn’t a problem for Maxxis Motors. They are known for offering affordable, quality tires to their customers. Their Maxxis M9207 Front PRO ATV Tire is one proof of this. It has innovative features like multidirectional tread design and v-shaped tread block design that ensures more stability and control than the other brands.

Despite having some limitations, there is no doubt that you will get what you pay for. If you need to replace your front tires to experience better off-road driving on both sand and mud terrains, then this product is worth every dollar you pay.