Kenda Bearclaw ATV Tire Review

The Kenda Bearclaw tire is a good tire that is built with quality rubber and has angled knobs that grip the road well. The tires have a built-in rim guard that protects the wheels from sharp objects and makes the tire resistant to all types of impacts on the road. The tread is structurally sound, and curves on the wheel are deep for a longer tire life.

The Kenda Bearclaw ATV Tire is great to use on all types of terrain, and can run on mud, rocks, and snow. All-terrain vehicles will not have problems using the tires on smooth roads.

The vehicle will work great in any kind of weather because the tread compound makes the wheels behave better and perform well under stressful driving conditions. The tires are well-balanced and will keep the ATV secure, even when turning or gliding.


  • Has angled tread that digs into the terrain for increased traction
  • Has center lugs that maintain control
  • Has built-in rim guard to resist sharp objects
  • Has long-range tread compound
  • Weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Rim diameter: 12 inches


Kenda tires are manufactured to be compatible with ATVs and its mechanism. The tires’ stable and sturdy features will resist all types of conditions. Driving is possible even in the most extreme weather.


These tires are strong and can carry a heavy weight. The rubber is well constructed that makes it strong and resistant to bursting.

The tires have great traction and can even ride over rocks and fallen trees without the tires getting punctured. Users will not have an issue when the tires are driven on snow or mud. Their vehicles can depend on the tires for use in all seasons of the year.

The wheels are thinner and provide better traction on wet or dry roads. Vehicles are stable, even when running on snow. Users will be able to make sharp turns without flaws and have  better control of the vehicle.

Driving on mud will be less challenging because the bear claw tread will dig through the mud to get vehicle get out of sticky situations. There will be no need to add chains to the wheels because they hold very tight to the surface.

The tires are also good for trucks that can bear a lot of weight from farm produce, or daily drives around the farm. Trucks have a better grip on muddy farm roads; even in the winter, farmers can drive their trucks to plow the snow, both at slow and faster speeds.

The tires are useful for small lawn tractors. Driving through forests is easier and the tractor will not have problems hauling back big loads of firewood.

The tires are easy to install. They can be put on the trucks or ATVs as soon as they arrives; there is no need to calibrate or refurbish.

Driving on dry concrete street roads is possible with the Kenda. The same amount of comfort and safety will be produced as with street wheels. City driving is quiet and secure because the tires are heat resistant to the concrete, and can even stop suddenly when road obstacles are ahead.

For its flexibility and strength, the tires are a practical purchase. The tires are built to last and are reliable. Compared to other products, the Kenda is cheaper but more reliable, especially for vehicles that are used for rough terrain and heavy lifting.


Tires are vulnerable to bursting when tremendous pressure is put on it and if used with vehicles which are not capable of handling the tires’ behavior.

Bursting can also happen if these tires are not replaced when the tread has thinned out. The product will eventually cause problems on the vehicles’ performance if it is subjected to situations like driving on boulders or in sand pits.

Unpackaging it might cause scratches on the rubber of done carelessly. A great deal of time and effort will be required to unpack the tires because of the excessive packaging.


The product is a reliable and cheap set of tires. They hold up well across all kinds of terrain and weather. Vehicles that are mounted with these tires run well and can be used to accomplish tasks like hauling farm produce and carrying wood.

The Kenda Bearclaw ATV Tire can also be used by tractors and trucks that drive for miles on mud and rocky surfaces. The tires are also resistant to sharp objects and are not easily pierced.

Installing chains is unnecessary because of the great traction from the tread. The tires have such a good grip that it can even be used to plow snow.

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