GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire Review

The GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV tire is a fierce and mean all-terrain tire that has a strong road grip. The traction of the tire is firm and reliable because its rubber is made of high-quality rubber.

It is made of 6-ply impact resistant rubber and is structurally stable. The quality of the GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire will give vehicles more torque and added acceleration on rough terrain, as well as great stopping power on sudden braking.

The deep tread on the tires is great for gripping on rough surfaces such as mud and snow, which also makes the tires last longer than other ATV tires. The tread design is unique to GBC tires, which are large and V-shaped.

It is a reliable and durable product that gives vehicles stability and endurance. It is versatile and can give an efficient performance when the vehicle is fully packed. Smooth roads are also manageable.


  • Has deep and solid V-tread pattern
  • Made of premium rubber
  • Tubeless and easy to maintain
  • Can run on mud, rocky, or smooth surfaces
  • Dimensions are 25 in x 25 in x 8 in
  • Product weight is 19.3 pounds


These tires are a great product that brings exceptional vehicle performance. Because it can run on virtually any surface, transportation on mud and rocky roads are possible without the worry of getting stuck or stalling. The tread on the tires is deep V-shaped knobs that need no additional chain support.

Trucks, pickups, and tractors are more efficient when carrying heavy loads, even when used on rough terrain over long distances. The tires are suited for vehicles which undergo hard and heavy tasks on a daily basis. The tires hold well at all times and in all types of climate.

These all-American tires run well on muddy terrain. The bite of the wheels is hard that kicks off excess dirt instead of keeping it in between the tires’ teeth.

Drivers will not have a hard time on tough surfaces because the tires are well-balanced and keep a stable hold on the road. Even on 2-wheel drive, acceleration is strong and rear wheels give a boost, as if the vehicle were in 4-wheel drive mode.

Aside from driving in mud, ATVs with these tires can ride through swamps and on wet roads without slipping; he grip on the tires is excellent on wet or roads with standing water. The vehicles’ brake mechanism functions better with these tires in command.

Owners of utility task vehicles (UTVs) can also use these tires. The tires are strong and add more muscle to the vehicle for it to be able to carry as much as 1,300 pounds of cargo.

The tires remain stable and grip well even when carrying large equipment or farm products. These vehicles are able to perform more efficiently.

They are long-lived tires that do not wear out easily. The tires can run for more than 9,000 miles and the tread and rubber composition remains intact. Compared to other products, the GBC tires last longer and come at a lower price. The life of the tires can be as long as 3 years for heavy users.

Aside from running on muddy surfaces, the tires also run well in snow and sand. Users who need to drive on sandy surfaces will not have a problem as the tire treads bite well on loose surfaces.

Vehicles also have a firm grip if the road is laced with ice, or can drive through strong snowstorms. Trucks can plow through high levels of snow. These tires are also easy to mount and are relatively lighter than other ATV tires.


The life span of a tire will depend on how long it is used. If they are ordered online, there are risks in shipping which make the product vulnerable to courier mishandling.

Some products might arrive in incomplete sets. Unfortunately, GBC does not provide a customer service facility to respond to post-sales inquiries.


The product is one of the most superior class tires on the market today. The tires are made with a good and firm tread that lengthens the life of the tire. Road grip is firm and solid, which makes driving on rough and slippery surfaces possible.

Heavy lifting and exhaustive driving do not cause the product to wear out or burst. The GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire is also resistant to sharp objects that may pierce the rubber. The tires are easy to mount and are reasonably priced.

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