Cooper Adventurer A/T 90000019939 Tire Review

If you are looking for an all-terrain tire for your everyday driving needs and occasional adventures, you might want to check Cooper Adventurer A/T 90000019939 Tire.

This tire promises to provide dynamic handling and dependable mileage. With its amazing Chevron traction grooves, you can rely on the grip to get you through the medium muddy backwoods and snow terrains.

Aside from these, the traction is also efficient in moving water away from the tread-to-road contact area. What makes you like this product more is the TracGrip Tread Compound that is formulated with all-terrain and road traction properties, offering consistent performance and grip.

If you are driving most of the time on the paved road, you don’t need to worry about noisy tires. This all-terrain tire has tread element Chamfers that allows the tire to remain quiet, as well as extend the overall tread life of the tire.

This tire fits most SUV’s and 1/2 ton trucks. Made by Cooper Tire, this all-terrain tire is reliable and dependable for all-season performance.


  • An all-terrain tire from Cooper Tire, great for all-season off-roading
  • Tire size is 265/70R17
  • Buttress design with alternating shoulder scallops increases the off-road traction of the tire
  • Features efficient Chevron traction grooves for wet surface
  • Wide, zigzag shape of grooves provides excellent soft surface for snow traction
  • With TracGrip Tread Compound
  • Provides consistent performance and grip
  • Durable and strong with Tread Element Chamfers
  • Reduces potential for irregular wear
  • Has a longer overall tread life


All-terrain tires are one of the most commonly used off-road tires today. They are catered to those who like off-roading occasionally, as well as those who are tight on a budget. Since they are good for all seasons throughout the year and paved roads, you don’t have to buy an extra set of tires for your adventures in the backwoods.

It is definitely one of the highly-rated all-terrain tires today. Cooper Adventurer A/T 90000019939 Tire comes in a size of 265/70R17, which fits your SUV or 1/2 ton truck. Discover if this tire is exactly what you need by learning more about its features and characteristics below.

This tire boasts of its amazing all-terrain performance, which is actually supported by many reviewers on Amazon. It is made by Cooper Tire and Rubbery Company which is a manufacturer of automobile, truck, and motorcycle tires.

The tire is said to provide dynamic handling no matter how far you want to drive on and off the road. It has amazing all-terrain traction so you can conquer the muddy, rocky, and snowy terrains.

If you are going to look at its aggressive design, you will see that the tire has wide, zigzag shape of grooves and alternating shoulder scallops.

This is intended to increase the off-road traction by moving the water away from the tread-to-road. Aside from this, the design is also efficient in creating soft surface needed for snow traction.

Should you be spending more time driving the busy streets of the city, you can expect that your tires will remain quiet as you travel.

They got a tread element Chamfers that extends the tread life of the tire and reduce the noise it creates. The silica-infused tread compound is also responsible for increasing the grip as the sidewall improves on and off road handling.


This all-terrain tire can be considered as the best of its kind, but of course, it has limitations. Professional off-road drivers would know that all-terrain tires are not the best tires for winter season or mud terrains.

Although this tire can get you through those trails, they will not be able to handle more challenging obstacles. If you are an avid off-road adventurer, this tire may not be enough for your exhilarating and exciting trips.


Surprisingly, the Cooper Adventurer A/T 90000019939 Tire does not have ratings under 4 stars on Amazon. This means that most buyers are satisfied with its performance on and off the road. If you will read the disadvantages of this product, you will notice that all of them are common limitations of an all-terrain off-road tire.

It simply shows that Cooper Adventurer is one of the best all-terrain tires in the market. Perhaps its innovative features, such as tread compound and buttress design, are the main reason behind its success. With the price that is only around $170 and free shipping, this product is highly recommended.

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