Carlisle All Trail II ATV Bias Tire Review

Thinking of changing your ATV’s tires? Consider buying one of the best brands in the market today – the Carlisle All Trail II ATV Bias Tire. This product promises to deliver high-quality performance off the road, as well a durable tire you will use for years to come.

It is versatile and provides the smooth ride you are looking for on hard surfaces, such as lawn, turf and dirt roads. With this tire, you can accomplish many tasks because it has a low profile construction and 4-ply rating. Though it is lightweight, it is capable of carrying bigger or heavier loads.

Aside from this, the company also added the extended-wear tread compound on the all trail tire, which is the secret for having longer tread life. It is great to use on paved roads, too.

So whether you need a tire for maintenance vehicles, general transportation, or security vehicles, this model of all trail tires is sure to be a better choice. Durable and affordable, there is no question why a lot of people find this brand useful and recommendable.


  • 1 high-quality ATV bias tire great for many utility purposes
  • Tire Size: 23×11-10
  • Has a load range of 4-ply and bias construction
  • Can add more flexibility to your ATV
  • Includes a wear tread compound to ensure a smoother ride
  • Offers durability and comfortable ride
  • Performs well on hard surfaces
  • Designed for hard surface conditions and intermediate driving


The Carlisle all trail ATV tire is a brand of ATV tire that is known for manufacturing quality products. They are an innovative tire maker that has been setting a high standard in the market and has been creating some of the best-selling tires globally.

Many of their buyers support their claim, giving them positive comments and reviews. True enough, their All Trail II ATV Bias Tire is also performing well in terms of sales and real-time off-road adventures. See if this kind of tire is what you need by discovering more about its amazing features and advantages.

This product is most commonly used for Kawasaki Mule replacement tires. They are designed for hard surfaces application, offering a smooth and less bumpy ride.

Though the tire looks sleek, you can see that it is also perfectly tracked where it could be utilized for various utility vehicles similar to ATV. You can use it for security vehicles, maintenance vehicles or general transportation.

Furthermore, this model provides durability and comfortable ride. It has an added extended-wear tread compound that increases the overall life of the tread.

In fact, the increased tread life makes it an all-purpose power sports tire. Aside from these, the 4-ply and bias construction makes it capable of carrying heavier loads. The bias construction could also track down a steep climb of 30 degrees with spilling over, too.

However, the versatility of this tire is more than that; it could also run well on wet and dry terrain such as rivers, sand, and gravel laden road. And as you enjoy your adventures on the different terrains, you could continue to drive with ease without worrying about scrapes on your tire. Coming complete with free shipping, this affordable tire is definitely one of the best of its kind.


In choosing the best tires for your ATV, not only should you know the advantages and special features of the product, but its disadvantages as well. This way you would be able to weigh the pros and cons well.

For this particular model of ATV bias tires, there haven’t been too many complaints yet. But just like any other brands, it also got limitations. If you love off-roading to challenging terrains, this is not the tire you would want. The reason behind this is that they are more prone to punctures compared to radials.


So far, there are no major complaints about the Carlisle All Trail II ATV Bias Tire that can damage its reputation.

If there is one that would be because of the common limitations of bias tires that even other brands are prone of. With its amazing versatility and durability, you can have new tires that perform the same or even better than your old ones. Therefore, this tire is highly recommended.

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